About me and my quest for Ruth Crichton (nee Johnston)

I was born in Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Area, in 1948.  I was educated to university level in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and lived there continuously until I was 23.

In 1971 I travelled to London to study for the Graduate Certificate in Education.  After just over a year-and-a-half in the UK, I began teaching in Sydney, NSW in 1973.

Between 1973 and the start of 1983 I studied and taught secondary school history in NSW, the Cape Province and Western Australia.  By 1984 I was settled in country NSW with my young family.  We are still living in South-Eastern Australia, not far from Canberra.

In 1996 I connected to the internet and began, inter alia, searching for certain relatives in the UK of whom nothing had been heard since the late 1940s.  My requests for information led to correspondence with a distant cousin by marriage on my mother’s side, and a second cousin on my father’s side, in the UK and South Africa respectively.

Prior to visiting the UK in 2006 for the first time since 1977, I registered on family history sites such as Genes Reunited and Curious Fox.  In February 2007 I was contacted by a hitherto unknown cousin from Scotland, and a wealth of new information emerged regarding my paternal grandfather and a decade in his life, 1920 – 1930, about which no one in my South African mother’s family appears to have known.

Since then I have been searching for more information about my paternal grandmother, Ruth Crichton (nee Johnston), born Glasgow 1893.


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